Step into the gallery where each image is a testament to the power of ControlNet within ComfyUI. Here we showcase high-resolution images that embody the fusion of technical prowess and artistic vision.

High-Resolution Imagery:

Feast your eyes on the meticulous details captured in every image. With dimensions of 4864×3328, the original PNGs from Stable Diffusion are a marvel of clarity and depth, complete with metadata for an immersive experience in ComfyUI.

ControlNet Tiles – A Closer Look:

The ControlNet tiles are a canvas of possibilities, displayed in stunning 8000 × 4500 resolution. Witness the transformation from input to a 4x upscaled masterpiece, with depth and Canny edge views laying the foundation for a final work that leaps off the screen.

Variations and Visuals:

This project page not only exhibits the primary images but also presents additional variations, offering a glimpse into the vast potential that ComfyUI workflows unlock.

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